0814-22halloween Meeting my son-in-law, Mike, at Davenport, Iowa presented me with a number of surprises. Mike was helping a friend move. I wanted to see the birth of my first great-grandchild. The plan was to meet Mike in Davenport and he would drive the rest of the way to UT. Sounds simple. Not so. We have navigational devices and electronic maps. Unfortunately my iPhone doesn’t speak directions. Where were the good old days when maps were readily available.

So I was on my way with my dachshund Mini Max, his cage along with everything for nearly a nearly two month stay. Due to road construction and detours, I missed my turn in Columbus, OH. At the first rest stop I met a good Samaritan who gave me his map and put me on the right track again; it took me straight to Davenport. At one of the stops, my puppy found a skunk nest and for a while we both smelled like skunk. I began to get tired and started looking for a place to stay. There is absolutely nothing on the east side heading to toward Peoria.

That is how I ended up in a cemetery. It had been dark, really dark for a while. Heavenly Manor should have been a dead give away. It just looked so inviting with all the lights. There was only one way in and the darkness was permeating everything. I turned the lights on my car to find the road to the Manor. NOT A GOOD IDEA! I was right in the middle of an old decaying cemetery! Do you think I was thinking about a movie I saw in the 70’s or 80’s called “Phantasm?” I was! It was the kind of movie where unsuspecting teenagers wander into a mausoleum and get chased by a ghoul and a flying ball with wings that turns them into zombies! I turned around and headed back to the highway as fast as I could, thinking car don’t fail me now. OK. I have a vivid imagination and I don’t like being in a cemetery in the middle of the dark alone. When I saw Mike I was so happy to give him the keys and leave the driving to him. Of course seeing my Great Grandson being born made everything worth it.