Down Syndrome CAN Do`s and LOVES 

  “Charity Grace is a wonderful positive example of Down Syndrome. Charity`s Mother Susan Biery writes that “No two people learn things in the same way or at the same speed. We each have things that we can do easily and things that we find hard and need more help”. For example…Charity has her own outlook on life; “I am brave, I am thoughtful, I love Holidays”, “I love unconditionally”, “My laugh is infectious”, “I`m a big sister”, “I love dolls and Merry Go Rounds”, “Without Rain there could be NO RAINBOWS”! My first blog introduced my grandson David Mullineaux. My intent was to show what Special Needs families go through daily. When I saw Chariety`s video, I fell in love with her positive outlook on life. David was our angel and he taught us by example how to really love and be grateful. One beautiful Spring day my granddaughter Ashley and my grandson David came to spend the night with their Grammy. I lived on the other side of Harper`s Ferry.  We often went adventuring on the path to Harper’s Ferry. Ashley took her bike and David was in his stroller. This particular day, Ashley’s chain broke and my only tool just happened to be a rock! It took forever to get to the bridge and climb the steps. The train ran parallel to the pedestrian side. This was David’s favorite. He couldn’t hear but he could feel the powerful vibrations of the train coming down the track. As we walked across the bridge, David ran his little hand across the chain link fence. David laughed so hard. Like Charity said, “Laughter is infectious.” Ashley, David and I laughed so hard tears ran down our cheeks. There are so many moments like these that always remind me about how precious life is.

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